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What is Health Insurance?

And why you need it

Health insurance plans help cover expenses in case of medical emergencies, and help you stay on top of preventative health-care services. Health insurance coverage can save you money on doctor’s visits, preventative care, prescription drugs, and more.

Health Insurance basics

Types of Health Insurance



Doctor visits, hospital care, prescriptions, pregnancy, childbirth, mental health, and more

Other benefits

No denial for preexisting conditions, no time limits


Average monthly premium of $400



    Limited to providers in network. Visits, tests, treatments are usually limited.

    Other benefits

    Usually lower cost


    Generally lower premium, no or low deductible



    Few restrictions out of network, but benefits better in network.

    Other benefits

    More flexible than HMO.


    Usually higher premium, and some deductible

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    Who needs Health Insurance?

    Health risks and uncertainty are a part of life, so everyone should have some type of coverage. Health Insurance provides essential financial assistance in times of medical emergencies. Insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from injury or illness. Insurers can also pay the provider directly.

    What type of Health Insurance should I get?

    Each situation is unique to the insured. Determine whether you prefer more coverage and higher premiums, or lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs. Also, make sure your plan will pay for necessary care. Speak with an agent to find the perfect plan.

    What kind of insurance plans do you offer?

    At InsurancePlans, we offer insurance plans of all kinds. This includes Medicare, health, life, auto, and home.

    Is it cheaper to buy insurance through InsurancePlans?

    Each family has a very specific lifestyle and income. InsurancePlans instantly shops and compares rates for you to find the coverage that best fits your unique needs and budget.

    How do you help people find the right plan?

    We can help you find insurance plans of all kinds. We represent many top-rated insurance companies. You can be sure to find the plan that matches your unique need.

    What makes InsurancePlans different?

    InsurancePlans is your one stop for medical coverage. The difference is that it’s our top priority to give you peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

    Is InsurancePlans an insurance company?

    InsurancePlans is not an insurance company. We shop some of the most trusted insurance companies on your behalf, making the process simple and convenient.

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